AMERICANA Luxury Vodka 750ml

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Americana is made with a fermented blend of corn, wheat, rye and barley. The brothers were seeking perfection when they did an initial taste test at Laird's, which also produces its own vodka brand. Americana Vodka at the nation’s oldest family-owned distillery which was revered by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Our Vodka is the essence of American culture. Produced with the finest grains from America’s heartland and water sourced 300 feet below sea level, Americana Vodka is the purest vodka from sea to shining sea. Using a process handed down through generations of family distillers, our slow charcoal filtered vodka is balanced and elegant with a smooth, soft vanilla finish. The idea of Americana vodka was born when the D’Acunto brothers were looking at hundreds of brands of vodka, all which were imported from other companies. With a family history in the liquor industry, the brothers decided to create a luxury brand which does not exist in the domestic vodka category.

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