Backwoods Cigars Small Batch 002 8 Packs of 5

Sale price$119.99


Backwoods Small Batch 002 are by far the most exclusive cigars on the market this year! Handpicked and crafted by artisan tobacco growers in the Dominican Republic, this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience is worth every cent.

Made with premium-quality, grade-A tobacco, these exclusive cigars not only burn smooth but also taste great as well. Plus, they’re hand-rolled with a genuine Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which gives them extra character and flavor.

However, to enjoy these rare, limited edition cigars, you must ACT fast while supplies last. In other words, once they’re gone, they’ll be gone forever, just like Backwoods Small batch 001, they’re now up in smoke! So don’t delay, order a 5-count pack today and create new memories that can never be duplicated. Smoke good or don’t smoke at all. Order now!

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