Balcones Texas Blue Corn Wine Casks Finish Bourbon Whisky 750ml

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Their annual Blue Corn Bourbon release returns with 4 year expression at 60.8% ABV finished in Washington Cabernet and California Grenache puncheons.


The bright, rustic nose is reminiscent of oiled leather sofa, antique china cabinet, and candied pecans, with top notes of black cherry ice cream and strawberry jam on scones, before rounding off with cola garnished with orange peel.


The long and layered palate begins with flutters of gardenia amidst rich notes of cocktail cherries, while warm, spiced pear cobbler leads into a finale of allspice, macerated berries, and mint chocolate. We hope you enjoy our wine finished Blue Corn Bourbon neat, on the rocks, or with a drop or two of your preferred spring water.

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