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Ready for something that is unique and full of flavor? Bumbu Rum is adored around the world, bringing banana, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon flavor notes to its rum. Distilled at the West Indies Rum distillery in Barbados, it is well-loved by fans and has an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10. Its appearance has a chestnut gold to it, with the nose, aroma, and smell being caramel, vanilla, and a hint of oak. Its pallet is chocolate, banana, and notes of cinnamon.

Bringing the flavors of the West Indies, many people enjoy this drink in the summertime. It’s base mixes well with many different winter flavors, such as hot chocolate, as well. While many rums are specifically designed for mixing, Bumbu Rum is excellent for sipping as well. It is sweet, smooth, and many people prefer to drink it both straight and over ice. The forward of the drink has fruit and spice aromas, and the creamy caramelized banana finish is phenomenal.

Bartenders and bars have also added this into their mix, with many using it for specialty drinks and concoctions made by their bartenders. It can also make a wonderful rum and coke. Whether you are looking to gift this to a liquor connoisseur that you know or are wanting to get it for yourself, ordering it at Liquor Star provides the maximum amount of convenience. As a craft rum, Bumbu has won five gold medals in two years from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Other drinks it can be featured in are things like rum punch and banana daiquiri.

One of the unique features Bumbu Craft has is the bottle. It is a heavyweight glass bottle that some view as a work of art on its own. There is a map of the Caribbean across the back and a tarnished metal X on the front marks where the treasure is. With a diverse number of uses and increasing popularity, Bumbu is based on an original recipe that was created by 16th and 17th-century sailors. The company says the recipe is still the same as it was back then. Distilled in small batches, you should order a bottle and enjoy.

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