Casa Dragones Tequila Joven

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What do you look for in your tequila? A bold flavor? A crisp taste? A silken finish that slides off the tongue as if it were never there? Perhaps you want all of these things and more. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a tequila that is focused on purity, and has the kind of essence that most tequilas long to discover. The kind of tequila that shows a true passion for the spirit itself, and a love for expression of the agave cactus through such means. If all of this sounds true to you, then Casa Dragones Blanco is the tequila you’ve been waiting for!


Casa Dragones Blanco is a small batch tequila made from 100% Pure Blue Agave. This silver tequila carries the truest essence of the agave cactus, because Casa Dragones uses a process that focuses on the purity of the agave itself. Because of the nature of their process, they bring out the purest flavors possible that you can enjoy on the rocks, or in any of the signature craft cocktails that Casa Dragones makes available. 


“What are the exact defining traits of such a wondrous silver tequila?” You ask while licking your lips and reaching for a glass. The body is full and bright, with shimmering crystalline hues, and runs well over your palate. The scent is an herbal one, with hints of green apple and grapefruit that fill the nose with a delightful freshness. When it touches your tongue, Casa Dragones Blanco gives off the slight sweetness of agave, with the flavors of pepper and cloves. How does it finish? Does it just fade away? 


Perhaps it leaves a lingering gift of delicious taste that will have you reaching to fill your glass again. In fact, it ends with a finish of almonds, and leaves a shining aftertaste. The final gift of this tequila is the aftertaste that will keep you wanting more. 


Whether you want a glass of just delicious tequila, or you wish to make a stunning cocktail that would impress the most talented mixologists, Casa Dragones Blanco is a tequila you should not overlook. 

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