CIROC Vodka 750 ml

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If you’re looking for quality vodka with a smooth finish you’re going to enjoy Ciroc Vodka. Ciroc comes in many flavors but the original vodka is of a top-notch caliber. This is one of the most distinct vodkas on the market and is considered to be top-shelf. Ciroc Vodka is a French Vodka distilled 5 times from grapes harvested from the Gaillac and Cognac regions. The brand uses an innovative and unique fermentation process and produces a smooth and tasty vodka. 

Even though Ciroc is derived from grapes you’ll only taste a hint of fruit notes rather than a full grape flavor. You can sip on Ciroc, add ice to it, or put it in a cocktail of your choice. Ciroc stands out because most vodkas are created from corn, potatoes, or grains while Ciroc dared to be different and went the route of French grapes.

Ciroc Vodka has been available since early 2003 and has steadily increased popularity. In 2007, Sean “Diddy” Combs began to handle the promotion and marketing in the USA which has brought much popularity to the brand. Diddy was already a celebrity due to his career in the music entertainment industry and soon thereafter, the increase in sales escalated. There are many flavored Ciroc Vodka options for any party theme, holiday, and preferences. Diddy and the British alcoholic beverage maker Diageo, split profits evenly. 

Jean-Sebastian Robicquet founded Ciroc Vodka in 2003. His family is from the wine-growing region of Bordeaux and his family has been a part of the industry for generations. Jean-Sebastian studied winemaking at a university before he moved to liquor and is the master distiller. The grapes are gathered and the juice is extracted and then fermented. Ciroc Vodka is distilled five times. The first four distillations of the Ugni Blanc grapes occur in stainless steel column stills and the Mauzac Blanc grapes are distilled in copper continuous stills. Once distilled separately, they are blended together and the 5th and final distillation take place in a traditional Armagnac style copper pot still. People from all over the world love Ciroc for its different production processes and smooth finish. Try it out today! 

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