Corcel Tequila Extra Anejo

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Rich amber color with coppery
flashes, great body with thin tears of great retention.


Milky character with syrupy and spicy notes; Oak and
dried fruits, toasted cocoa and ripe red apple, spoors like
compote of quince and pears in syrup, nuances of nuts as
macadamia, almonds and walnuts; Spicy aromas of nutmeg
and cinnamon remain discreet but persistent.


Sweet and spicy impact that opens nose and palate,
semi-dry profile with nuances of nuts, cinnamon, walnut
with light Oak, complemented by honeyed notes of cooked
agave, toasted cocoa, vanilla and compote of red apple, dried
fruits like apricot and plum.

Aftertaste: Cooked Agave, toasted cocoa and light oak.
Serving Temperature: 66 °F.
Recommended glass: Glencairn glass / Flute cup.
Suggested tasting: Drink straight.
Pairing: Nuts and dried fruits, brownie and vanilla ice cream,
Sweet profile cigars.


Class: Extra Añejo
Agave: Blue Tequilana Weber (7 year old)
Aging: 36 Months (American Oak Barrels)
Category: 100% Agave.
Distillation: Double.
Region: Guadalajara.
Capacity: 750 ml.
Alc Vol: 40% (80% Proof).
NOM: 1173 CRT.
Distillery: Destilería Santa Lucía
Origin: México.

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