Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

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Becoming one of the top-selling Canadian whiskeys in the 1960s, in the USA, Crown Royal is a brand every whisky-lover has heard of. The history of their standards is well-known, and they are trying to keep traditions alive, which is why Crown Royal's standards today are on par with its history. To make such perfect smooth and fine Canadian whisky, one needs to have the right ingredients. The majority of their grains come from Manitoba and the surrounding provinces. Their whiskies are all aged in new or re-used charred oak barrels.

When it comes to the brand overall, they have a nice selection of incredible whiskies you can choose from. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is the type of whisky you’d offer to friends to show them just how good Canadian whiskeys can taste. In Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible of 2020, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was recognized as the Best Canadian Whisky.

Northern Harvest Rye whisky was created with 90% rye, and it offers a gentle spice with soft pepper, butterscotch, and vanilla notes. The bottling is rather unique, with its usual label in front. On the nose, this whisky is a 25/25 by Bull Murray’s Bible. It has aromas of baking spices, light wood spices, and cereal, that just mix perfectly.

When it comes to the actual taste, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye does not disappoint. You will get a gentle oak note, spiced vanilla, rich butterscotch, which eventually all develops into peppery notes. The drink leaves you with a creamy and smooth finish, which is just what you want when drinking this type of whisky.

Because of its sophisticated appearance and incredible palate, it is perfect for all occasions. Considering that Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is literally flying off the shelves, a many people tend to think that as well. However, it all comes down to everyone’s personal preference when it comes to whisky; but even with that said, one cannot deny that Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye will always be in the top best whiskeys of all time!

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