Diplomatico Rum

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Crafted using their expertise in both modern and traditional distilling techniques, Diplomatico rum’s identity is forged on a commitment to quality alongside the passion and heart that flows into their product.

Established in 1959, LUSA (Licorerias Unidas S.A) was once owned through its main shareholder, Seagram’s International (one of the largest wines and spirits companies in the world), but in 2002 it was sold to a group of prestigious Venezuelan entrepreneurs and became a privately owned company.

Distilled at the foot of the Andres Mountains in Venezuela, this now independent, family owned, and operated brand makes this rum distillery an authentic Venezuelan company, of whom put their staff first which is reflected in their core values and results in such loyalty and love spilling into their rum selection and presentation.

Using as many as 10 different varieties of sugarcane, Diplomatico also includes molasses and various honey that add to the complexity and flavor during their unique 3 different distillation process, which when combined in blending delivers tantalizing rums such as Diplomatico’s Reserva Exclusiva, an acclaimed rum worldwide.

Offering an extensive range of rum options, from their Distillery Collection to their Traditional Range and Prestige Range, Diplomatico has something for everyone. 

Described as an extremely sweet, well rounded rum, possessing a velvety body that coats your mouth nicely, the Diplomatico range is reported as having notes of toffee, honey and hints of wood and cognac like fruitiness.

The beauty of rum products such as this, is that it can be utilized in so many ways including but not limited to the Daiquiri, Manhattan, Mojito and the famous Kentucky Derby’s favorite Mint Julep to cocktail originals inspired by the makers themselves like Rum Lemonade, Signed and Sealed and Smooth Operator.

Moreover, rums easiest partner in crime mixer when served is the classic coke but is also known to float well with ginger beer, club soda or even hot chocolate for something a little more decadent if in wanting to feel warm and cozy.

Regardless of what your heart desires, Diplomatico rum is sure to get your pulse racing with flavor can be found at select bars and retailers around the globe.

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