Dry Town Gin 750 ml

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Very citrusy on the nose at first Dry Town Gin leads with a orange, sweet lime, then hints of lemon leaves and kaffir lime leaves. It opens up with a short time and a spicy, slightly Asian spice undertone emerges. I really enjoy the nose on this gin.

The palate of Dry Town Gin is very bold. Juniper and lime rise early. Lots of citrus, suggesting both lemon and lime. Ginger spikes mid palate before notes of lemon verbena, pineapple sage bring a herbal counterpoint. A really nice balance. Towards the finish angelic and juniper lend a piney gravity as camphoraceous sage notes usher in what is a long and quite nice finish.

Though the gin has a long stickiness on the palate, the spirit doesn’t have a ton of viscosity. It’s the botanical presence that gives Dry Town Gin it’s lasting power.

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