Eagle Rare 750ml

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Each person who is looking for a new alcohol to try has a unique personality and unique experiences with drinks. Eagle Rare is masterfully crafted and aged carefully. Each bottle has been aged for no less than ten years; evidenced by the complex aroma, smooth flavor, and lingering taste that it offers. Bourbon is specific to Kentucky, and Eagle Rare has a distinctive taste that lives up to its name. Those who are looking for an assertive bourbon that is both expressive and tactile will enjoy this liquor. It has a complexity to it that it’s fans love, including the unique nose that features fantastic complexity.

The nose has complex aromas of toffee. You can also find hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather, and oak. The aroma adds many attractive elements to the whiskey as well. The taste is on the more dry side, with a wonderful boldness to it. Bold, dry, and oaky, the flavors also include candied almonds and rich cocoa.

Eagle Rare is an award-winning beverage, getting gold medals at competitions like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the New York World Wine And Spirits Competition, and the LA Wine And Spirits Competition, and others. At the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, it received a rating of 95. There are many other awards and accolades Eagle River has received, some of which are on the international circuit as well.

Eagle Rare is the only bourbon to ever win the double gold medal five times, a testament to the high-quality process that is used to distill it. Aging for ten years gives it fantastic flavor.

With a fragrant nose and aromas that have a lot of character, the hint of almonds in the backdrop is not lost on experienced bourbon drinkers. The finish has a leathery feeling to it and is quite long. Order a bottle here and get ready to enjoy it as soon as it arrives. For people who are enthusiasts of Kentucky bourbon and people who are looking for more experience for their taste buds, Eagle Rare is a fantastic choice.

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