Espolon Añejo Tequila 750 ml

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After spending decades learning both the art and the science of distillation when it comes to tequila making, Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza decided to create his own brand. His passion for creating the perfect drink, together with his perfectionist attention to detail, has allowed him to create tequila of incredible standards. In 1995, he met an entrepreneur who had the same kind of fire inside, and the two decided to form a partnership. This is how the brand Espolòn came to be!

Espolòn has won plenty of awards, and they stand testament to its incredible taste! At its heart, Espolòn is a tribute to Mexican culture. Each label is telling a story, and we all know that Mexico has a rich history. Each label captures a moment, and they all pay a tribute to José Guadalupe Posada, the one true hero. If you were searching for the tequila that is you want to get to know intimately, for sipping, Espolòn Añejo Tequila is definitely high on the list of tequilas to try.

Espolòn Añejo Tequila is bottled in a very standard bottle shape, but each Espolòn tequila will have a different label. This tequila has aged in new American oak barrels for at least 10 months and finished in wild turkey bourbon barrels for at least 2 months. Espolòn Añejo Tequila starts as Blanco, but through the aging process, it becomes something unique and confident. It has a nice golden color, and it is perfect to be sipped neat, but you could also enjoy it with ice.

The aroma of Espolòn Añejo Tequila offers a complex balance of roasted agave and wood, giving hints of butterscotch and dried fruit. When it comes to the taste, you get to experience medium to full-bodied experience. It has an exceptional balance when it comes to that velvety feel. Fans can expect subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, dried fruits, as well as chocolate. The finish is complex and long, hitting with some red pepper notes, and ending with more vanilla and butterscotch until it slowly fades away.

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