Frida Kahlo Tequila Añejo

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Produced in Jalisco, Mexico, Frida Kahlo Tequila is 100% blue agave premium tequila. It is named after a Mexican painter known for many of her incredible self-portraits. This tequila is all-natural and made from blue agave that are hand-selected at the peak of their maturity. They are then slowly cooked inside brick ovens for 28h, after which they are steamed and cooled (this will remove the bitterness). After the extraction of the perfect juices by pressing the agave, it will be distilled in antique copper stills.

Frida Kahlo embraced her life with laugher, love and she had an incredible passion to live her life to the fullest. Even with all the difficulties in her life, she was able to endure, and thus leave the legacy that will forever be remembered. Her paintings are exceptionally memorable, and if you enjoyed her art, now you get to enjoy the Frida Kahlo Tequila.

There are three types of Frida Kahlo Tequilas. If you are looking for aged tequila, Frida Kahlo Tequila Añejo is a great and refreshing fit! This tequila is fermented for at least 3 years in American oak casks. It offers an incredible premium taste, one designed to be savored by sipping the drink gradually, just like a fine cognac. As with all the rest, Frida Kahlo Tequila Añejo is all-natural, and without any artificial ingredients.

It is bottled with a very distinct logo of Frida Kahlo at the front. This Añejo has a medium amber color, and looks exquisite. Upon opening the bottle, you will get an aroma of an open air field, nectar, and roasted fruits. Once you try it, you will be met with a taste of butter and a dash of smoke together with the flavor of sweet vanilla. As for the finish, Frida Kahlo Tequila Añejo has an interesting, complex, and lasting finish with hints of baking spices. 

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