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In 1765, Richard Hennessy founded the Hennessy Cognac Trading House in France. He was an Irish man who had previously served in the army of Louis XV as an officer. According to the Maison archives, the Hennessy Cognac arrived in New York in 1794, and from then on it become a lot more popular in the USA. In the past, the Hennessy Cognac was barreled, just like most other alcoholic drinks. However, it is also known to be one of the first export cognacs to be labeled in a glass bottle. Hennessey made history with his accomplishments.

In 1818, Hennessy was shipped to Russia. In 1819 to Calcutta, India; in 1852 to Australia; in 1859 to China… and in 1856 the Bras Armé become a brand symbol. Commanding approximately 40% of the world’s cognac market, there is no denying that the House of Hennessy has a lot of history, and for those who are interested in knowing the true originals, are more than welcome to read more about the stories history. Within their collection of cognacs, there are thirteen recognizable liqours, one of which is Hennessy Black.

Black is bottled in a classy, black, and slick bottle, with the recognizable Hennessy logo on the front in silver. It gives off a fantastic mysterious vibe, and is quite popular among the cognac-lovers. Hennessy Black was created in 2009. Unlike most other Hennessey cognacs, Hennessy Black was made to be used as a mixer for cocktails. But, not just the cognac cocktails, it is also suitable to be used when the cognac is not the main spirit, in place of other spirits.

Hennessy Black is exclusively available in the USA. Compared to other cognacs, it is known to be a lot smoother and thus perfect for cocktails. The higher ABV (43%) and the overall texture of Hennessy Black, makes this the perfect cognac choice for many mixologists.

With its exceptionally sophisticated black packaging in an attractive bell-shaped bottle, Hennessy Black is an excellent choice for every occasion. The drink has a light yellow gold color. Upon opening the bottle, you can expect hints of jasmine, orange, and grape, while the cognac itself tastes more like cedar, floral, jasmine, and honey. Hennessy Black has a short and surprisingly sharp spice finish. It is suggested that you drink Hennessy Black neat, but many love the taste of it in cocktails!

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