INDOGGO Gin by Snoop Dogg 750ml

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In today’s world of Hip Hop, Calvin Broadus (or as well all know him as Snoop Dogg) is a legend and an icon. Even if you are not into the world of Hip Hop, there is a high chance that you have already heard about Snoop Dogg and his music. He has been releasing a hit after hit with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Unlike many other artists who started over two decades ago, he is still relevant today, and has built an amazing following.

However, Snoop Dogg also decided to make the a gin that fit his larger-than-life personality, and it all started back in 1994 when he wrote “Gin & Juice”. This song was about feeling food and experiencing life to the fullest, which is why it eventually become an anthem to many. This is also when Snoop Dogg decided to make his own spirit brand, which is how the Indoggo Gin came to be. If you are looking for a laidback-styled gin, that is low calorie, has no sugar, and is gluten-free, Indoggo Gin is a fantastic option.

It is bottled in a fancy purple bottle, with the label going from top to bottom. The name of the gin is a play on words from Indigo and Dogg in his stage name, from which we get Indoggo. It is an affordable and tasty gin, that everyone should try at least once. On the nose, it is incredibly sweet and has hints of citrus, berry, lemon curd, orange, and dried strawberries. It is unexpected and fantastic!

The flavor Indoggo Gin is rather mild at first. You will get hints of melon, as the taste eases to a finish and adds a bit of strawberry, candied pineapple, blackberry, peppery juniper, plus other sweet notes. Indoggo Gin is perfect to be enjoyed on its own, but it is even better for cocktails! If you want to enjoy the beauty of this hip brand, you should try drinking Indoggo gin with soda!

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