Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey 750 ml

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Jameson operates from a single distillery in Ireland, controlling the whiskey making process from grain to glass and, with over 235 years of whiskey making history under their belt, Jameson produces some of the most desired whiskey on today’s market.

Unlike other Jameson whiskeys, Jameson Black Barrel whiskey is a twice flame charred beverage which offers a rich, smooth flavor that is sure to tantalize even the fussiest consumers taste buds.

The process of charring consists of partially burning the oak barrels to blacken its surface which adds to the whiskey’s flavor during the maturing stage. Additionally, the charred oak barrels used to age the Jameson Black Barrel whiskey are those previously used for sherry and bourbon, which in turn adds to the body of this spirit.

Consequently, this process provides the whiskey with a noticeable creamier, more well-rounded texture that showcases the influence of the charred wood barrels when compared to other products produced by Jameson.

As far as blended Irish whiskey goes, Jameson Black Barrel is reported to provide notes of grassy malt, caramel and butterscotch followed by citrus with a touch of spice. Some woody notes are also picked up and the spice morphs into being more cinnamon driven.

While being a complex delight served alone, Jameson Black Barrel whiskey also serves a fantastic body and base for any cocktail that calls for whiskey. 

One of the most popular cocktail classics for whiskey is the famous “Whiskey Sour” which consists of 2 parts whiskey, an ounce of fresh lemon juice and an ounce of simple syrup (boil up some water and add a lot of sugar till dissolved if you do not have simple syrup on hand and then allow it to become room temperature before using) and finished with a maraschino cherry.

Irish whiskey is also required in the original “Irish Coffee” which is sure to kick start anyone’s day or add a splash of it in a hot chocolate to warm one’s self up on a cold winter’s eve for a night cap.

This spirit is one enjoyed by many but for the more sophisticated whiskey critic, Jameson Black Barrel is advised to serve neat to experience it the way in which the makers intended it to be.  

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