Jameson Gold Reserve

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Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible gives Jamison Gold a rating of 94 points, which is phenomenal. This whiskey is impressive and is made with a good amount of pure pot Irish whiskey. Made and bottled in Ireland, the alcohol by volume for this Irish whiskey is 40%.

Fantastic for many pallets and a top choice of many people, it is a blend of three aged whiskeys. One of these is matured in virgin oak barrels, giving it a complex taste profile that is also smooth. When the spirit is aged in bourbon barrels and sherry casks, the whiskeys toasted sweetness comes out. There are notes of spice, and the whiskey has impressed many of the most stubborn critics around the world.

Some describe the taste as rich and chewy. This is a liquor for people who are okay spending a bit more money on their alcohol. It does have coloring, and its nose is a nicely appealing aroma of sweet spice, toasty oak, and dried fruit. The pallet has a nice weight to it and a good mouth feel.

Fruit that is honeyed and spicy oak joins subtle fruitcake spices with a generous balance to its finish, the oak, spice, and fruit come together well. There is also a touch of sherry sweetness and creaminess to this product.

Our reviewers have noted the herbal and grassy nose and complemented the mellow nature of it. Initially, the pallet is sweet. Some have compared it to snicker doodle cookies, the feeling that it brings. Liquor Stars ships the product to the United States, providing this tasty and sip-worthy product to tables around the country.

This liquor is responsible for getting many people interested in whiskey is a spirit. Another thing to note about this liquor is that it has been discontinued. If you want to experience this highly rated and fantastic product, you may want to order it from this website sooner rather than later.

The finish is short but does provide a welcome heat for people who like that. Many have rated this alcohol quite highly, while other people put it in the middle-of-the-road, possibly due to it being more complex than they are used to. There are many fine products at this price point available, so when it is no longer available, make sure to check those out as well.

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