Just the Tipsy - Semi-Sweet

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Quick Overview

Have fun, laugh often and drink great wine. This wine’s vibe is a philosophy to live by.

Fun Bottle

This unique bottle is shaped like a… Well, it’s exactly what you think it is.  

Just the Tipsy makes for a show stopping party gift.  It’s a fun addition to any bachelorette, bachelor, birthday, dinner or even divorce party. This wine is sure to attract a big reaction.  Whether that reaction is good depends on how fun your friends are. 

Serious Wine

“Surprisingly Good!” is how many people describe this wine. Do not let the fun bottle fool you, this is a serious wine.  

Just the Tipsy’s Napa based, award winning winemaker, Chris Christensen was quoted by winebusiness.com saying:  “It’s such an eff you to the establishment. People get this really shocking, very evocative presentation of the wine itself, and then you hit them with wine inside that’s actually good.”

The Most Shareable Wine

This wine has been called the “most shareable wine”.  Because everyone who gets this wine knows someone that “needs to see this.” Enjoy this wine best while sharing a light hearted laugh with friends.

Key Information

Type: Semi-Sweet Bubbly Rosé of Syrah

Brand: Tipsy Brand

ABV: 12.5%

Flavor Experience:  Crisp, clean and delightfully bubbly.  With notes of strawberry and raspberry.

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