Patrón Extra Añejo 750 ml

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Aged tequilas have become a lot more popular in the past couple of years, and if you are in the market for smooth aged tequila that does not only has a luxurious look but also has a rich and bold taste, Patrón Extra Añejo is a solid choice! Patrón’s slogan is very self-confident, stating that although they might not have invented tequila, they have perfected it. The original Patrón was produced in a distillery called Casa 7 Leguas, which is one of the oldest Mexican distilleries. In 1989, St. Maarten Spirits decided to purchase the rights to the brand, and later the production was moved to a new distillery.

In 2000, Ed Brown became the new CEO, which is also when new, sophisticated, and premium-looking tequila was presented from the brand. The audience that was targeted at first was mostly at nightclubs, vodka lovers, or trendy bars. However, in 2018, Patrón was bought by one of the world's largest privately held spirits companies, Bacardi. Patrón has plenty of interesting tequila offers, but if you want a superior aged tequila, Patrón Extra Añejo is what you are looking for.

Patrón Extra Añejo is aged for at least three years, in used and new small oak barrels. It is a full-bodied and deep aged tequila, with notes of fruit and sweetness that could only be created with the perfect combination of finest agave and time. Patrón Extra Añejo is bottled in one of their classic glass shapes, with their distinct logo on the front, and because of its gold color, it kind of resembles honey.

There are intense vanilla, citrus, and dry fruit notes in the aroma. It is quite pleasant and a pleasure to drink, while the taste is both smooth and sweet. Patrón Extra Añejo is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave and has a fruity taste with hints of light agave honey and vanilla. The finish will leave you with hints of vanilla, dry fruit, and oak!

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