Patron Silver Tequila 750ml

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As a pioneer in the mass market of premium tequila’s, Patron Silver is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue agave and is a world-renowned product that was first introduced back in 1989 by co-founder John Paul DeJoria (eccentric billionaire and founder of the hair care empire Paul Mitchell Systems) after he asked his friend, Martin Crowley, to bring him back a good tequila from an upcoming trip to Mexico. Martin returned and gifted Paul with an exquisite hand-blown glass tequila bottle and an idea to launch a brand was born. 

Fast forward to today and while Patron did not invent tequila, they do claim to have perfected it. Carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda Patron distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, Patron Silver standard line is produced by using half Tahona-crushed agave and half modern roller-mill crushed agave which are slow-roasted in small brick ovens before the 3-day fermentation process takes place.

The aroma received by this tequila product leans towards powdered sugar with hints of fruit and citrus. And while crystal clear in coloring, Patron Silver is reported to be a fresh tequila with a touch of sweetness that ends in delightfully light and peppery finish enjoyed by tequila connoisseurs worldwide. 

In addition to Patron being committed to crafting the finest tequila, they are also dedicated to taking care of the resources and people that make it all possible to share their product with the world by limiting their environmental impact.

Patron developed a state-of-the-art water treatment system to reclaim clean water from their tequila production that reuses the water in their cooling towers for cleaning. Furthermore, Patron is the first tequila distillery to install a natural gas pipeline as their main energy source, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Patron Silver is the lower priced product offered by Patron, but the standards and quality of the product are not jeopardized at this entry-level price point and cannot be matched.

Patron Silver is a guaranteed party pleaser due to its smooth taste and can be used in an array of cocktails but most famously known best in the classic margarita or when served neat. 

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