Sobieski Estate Vodka 1L

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Sobieski vodka is a traditional vodka from the fertile lands of Poland. Named in honour of King Jan III Sobieski, the last great Polish king, this exceptional vodka was founded in Koniaków, Poland in 1846. Made using nothing more than rye and water, Sobieski uses continuous distillation to get the highest quality product possible, unlike other vodka companies that use multiple distillations.

Now, a new member has been added to the already excellent Sobieski vodka collection. Sobieski Estate Vodka is a fantastic single estate rye vodka. Made using nothing more than 100% Polish Dankowski rye, this is a limited production vodka that is a natural next step for this already strong brand. With Sobieski Estate Vodka, you get an elegant, refined spirit that carries within its crystal-clear depths the Polish history and tradition of vodka production.

The use of 100% rye gives the final product a nuttiness and freshness that is hard to achieve with other grains. Soft and silky on the palate with a smooth, soft finish, this the perfect vodka to have on hand. It is gorgeous on its own and equally well suited to lend itself to any mixed drink you could dream up. Try this Polish gem today to enjoy how good simplicity done right can be.

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