Woodford Reserve Double Oaked 750ml

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Making fine bourbon is quite artistic, and distilling of this fine liqour first took place in 1812, on the site of a National Historic Landmark, the Woodford Reserve Distillery. The best kind of bourbon is made from the five main sources of flavor. Starting with grain, as Woodford Reserve has its own grain recipe of 10% malted barley, 18% rye, and 72% corn. Theirs is a recipe that perfectly balances the spice of rye with the sweetness of corn, and the nuttiness of malt, which then creates the most flavorful drink of bourbon.

Then you have water, which is the crucial ingredient and is naturally filtered by limestone deposits. 

The fermentation process is one of the longest in the industry. It takes extra time due to their methods and unique yeast strain, which creates a complex range of flavors. Woodford Reserve’s distillation is a careful batching process of distilling whiskey in column and pot stills. In the end, there is the maturation process, which is done in new, white oak barrels that are made at Woodford Reserve.

With an innovative approach of twice-barreled bourbon, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked was created. It offers rich and colorful flavors, which will stick with those who drink it. This bourbon is uniquely matured in charred oak barrels separately. The second barrel is deeply toasted before light charring, to give it an additional sweet oak character.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is bottled in a wide bottle, and it has a deep amber color. It looks quite sophisticated, and upon opening the bottle you will be greeted with a nice mixture of oak and sweetness. You will also get hints of sweet vanilla, marshmallows, and corn topped with a drizzle of syrup. The most dominant flavors of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked are the oak and sweet vanilla, but you will also get hints of dried dark fruits, hazelnuts, spices, and caramel. 

This drink will leave you with a rather long and creamy finish, morphing into a leathery, and honeyed apple taste. The finish is fantastic for this type of drink! Although rebarreling is nothing new when creating bourbon, there is just something incredibly sophisticated and memorable when tasting Woodford Reserve Double Oaked for the first time.

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